pic: Team 148 - 2011 - Raptor

Our robot for the 2011 FRC Season : Raptor

A video of it in action:


I will be the first to comment and that is the coolest looking bot i have ever seen

Another year, another great Robot!! See y’all in Dallas. :cool:

Amazing again!

Is that another nonadrive I see there?

I was just looking closely at your drivetrain. Is that the same drive system you guys used last year?

Beautiful! Hope to see it in person later this season…

I cannot wait to see this bot in action. Jaw dropping to say the least.

Wow! This is one of the most beautiful robots I have seen!

Another quality machine from the 148 crew!

Congratulations. That’s really all I have to say.

Another great one I counting down the days to Alamo to see this bad boy in action. Just curious, why the name raptor after armadillo, tornado, tumble weed, ect.

I for one am glad I live and compete in New England. Awesome job guys.

Beautiful. Just Beautiful. I need to calm down before i can figure out what i am feeling…


Taking 1 guess: Birds of prey feel quite at home here in Texas. If you search for ‘photos of Texas raptors’ - you will see what I’m talking about. If 148 is choosing to stay true to their Texas theme, they are - beautifully.


Between the underglow and the engineering, it’s mesmerizing.

Great video to go along with it. It’s always fun to watch the videos.

I really like the way you throw tubes out to the end of the lane instead of going up to the wall.

Oh ya, cool robot too.:wink:

Killer mechanism, the extending linkage on the top is brilliant! The large gear/arm member on the bottom looks like a part that could cause a lot of headaches… did you have any strange issues to overcome with meshing a gear to the stacked aluminum plates?

I also love the way you implemented a telescoping mechanism with the rollers in the tube, I’m gonna have to play with that idea in the future. Lots of clever bits wrapped into your bot this year.

Fantastic robot as usual, and once again I’m super jealous of your fabrication abilities.


That robot is amazing, I’m especially fond of the deployment system for the mini-bot.

Way to go 148.

The low gearbox driving a high shoulder joint via a linkage (we call this the “hip joint”) was inspired by the 67-2007 robot which had this VERY cool feature. We added our own twist by making it a 4-bar linkage. Now it is a double 4-bar (we’ve been making double 4-bar jokes ALL season).

The practice robot shoulder joint has been running up and down since Day 18 of the build. It “just works.” No worries at all with the plate gear experiment. Lots of laser cut plate gears on Raptor…

Yes, we are proud of some of the more subtle features inside Raptor. I know there are some that most people totally ignore that will be impressive to a mechanical designer with a good eye…


That right there is what FIRST is all about…simply inspiring…