pic: Team 148 - Robowranglers 2010 - Armadillo

Our robot for the 2010 FRC Season : Armadillo

A video of it in action:

That robot looks awesome! Great job!

Net response from 229:


wow unbelievably impressive

I wish we were going to a regional with you guys

The biggest compliment I can give is that I am frightened to ever see you in competition.
Awesome job!

very nice robot wish we were competing with you

Wow, looks great. I think I owe someone an apology.

After about a minute drool started pouring from my open mouth onto the keyboard. Not only does 148 ALWAYS have a very functional robot, they ALWAYS have something innovative, and they ALWAYS have something very pleasing to the eye. Excellent job on the robot, guys. Cant wait to take a peak at Armadillo in Atlanta.

Marvelous. :cool:

Sweet Jesus.

Man, that bot is beautiful! But a life size doll of JVN, really? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good!:slight_smile:

Beautiful job, team 148 should be proud!

I wish we were going to a regional with you guys

You kind of are in week 1 … :slight_smile:

As always that robot looks absolutely amazing

good luck then:cool:

(memories of 2005 are coming to mind…cough division by chicken cough::ouch:: )


You should have seen how much my jaw just dropped. A fabulous robot as always; well done 148!

Now, where’s 217’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

absolutely amazing :ahh::ahh::ahh:


I look forward to seeing y’all in Dallas AND Houston. I hope we match up with y’all and not against y’all like last year.

sorry dude the holy cows are another team ;):wink: