pic: Team 148 - Robowranglers 2010 - Armadillo

Another amazing creation by the Robowranglers. These guys are by far the best team in FIRST at creating highly competitive robots that look like something that you would see on a showroom floor. I had the opportunity to spend a week with these guys during the build season and was blown away by how well this team functioned. Everyone knows about their all-star mentor base, but they also have some of the most ingenious students that I have ever met in this program. It’s neat to see the “final” versions of the prototypes that I saw being work on in week 2. (In fact a couple of these prototypes had significant influence on the 2010 1114 robot.)

Congratulations on an amazing machine. I can’t wait to see it in Atlanta and maybe even sooner…

Don’t forget the memorable alliance of 217 and 229 from 2005.

Now who were those two mentors again…? :rolleyes:

Well, if you want to go there and reveal yourself I can put you in contact with high school senior Charles Wensel and high school senior Parker Francis who designed the initial prototype Nonadrive and 50 - 60 percent of the robot you see in the video. Team 148 and 217 have the exact same philosophy when it comes to FRC: Students work along side engineers. Not all student done, not all engineer done, but completed together.

Your ignorance just makes me laugh and your cowardly way of creating a fake account makes me sad for you. I would like to know: how many high school students have you inspired in the last 10 years? I bet it doesn’t come even close to the number that I have inspired. I usually hold my tongue in these cases, but morons like you just push my buttons.

Since you guys are right down the road from Caddo Mills Airport where Armadillo Aerospace does their thing, do you ever have any interaction with them?

Nice robot too! :slight_smile:

EDIT: After watching this video a few more times, I think that this may be the year that one robot can carry 2 BLTs… Wowsers!

NEVER Underestimate a student…

Forgot to mention; THAT BOT IS KILLER! i dont wanna go up against it :slight_smile: which I probably wont, but i feel bad for whoever does! The lifter is SWEEEEET! and I am also extremely curious as to how you hold those balls so well?! Is it classified? or will you spill the beans :slight_smile:

Common Paul tell us how you really feel.

But seriously you have not only inspired students but also fellow mentors who in turn have inspired other students so your influence is exponential.

and 254…

I agree with Paul Copioli, if engineers aren’t working with students side by side the students are not getting INSPIRED to be science and technology heros. This robonerd17 guy should not underestimate the minds of students either.

Something tells me that 148, 217, 254, and 1114 all have a little something in common this year… :cool:

Is this the year that team IFI blows all competition out of the water?

Very impressive kicking accuracy and elevating abilities.

Hope to play with you guys at the Championships!

team IFI always blows everyone out of the water lol

Wow… that looks really impressive! and it has underglow to boot!

Great job guys, i can’t wait to see it in a real match!

The best keep getting better. Well done guys.


p.s. and after watching Parker in action myself over the summer, I will echo Samir’s earlier comment - never underestimate a student!


I am very scared to see the bright green version of this in 1.5 weeks.


Expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive

You guys are expletive amazing. I haven’t “Wow’d” for a robot like that (nor has my bro was was in FRC 10 years ago) in all my 4 years.

Holy expletive

It’s actually very simple. Any team can do it.
The secret is… 3 weeks of prototyping! :wink:


PS - For anyone who followed my build journal on facebook, the ball magnet is the “System #5” I kept cursing during week 2 and 3.

Heh, I wouldn’t count your Chickens…maybe it won’t be bright green; there have been a few years when the only green on 217’s bot was the bumpers (going from memory, 2008, at least?), and THAT obviously won’t happen this year.


For not posting an odd, out of focus, random, or otherwise not-really-a-teaser teaser. The teaser here is in trying to figure out how this thing works, and it has some kick $@#$@#$@# music to boot. Looks great, hope to see you in Atlanta!

Most of these parts were designed by students. They are very complicated. What does that tell you about the students?

I’m so proud of our “kids” I could just explode.


PS - I think you need a hug.