pic: Team 148 Robowranglers: TUMBLEWEED

We decided to try something a little different this year…

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Is it 3 wheel swerve?

How fast is this little bugger?

Looks like John’s armor dream came true.

But but but… how do we know if it meets <R66> and <R72> if it doesn’t have a “front”? This robot could cause considerable confustication at inspection me thinks!:ahh:

that is a really awesome looking robot. the only one ive seen that looks like that.:smiley:

IMHO not having a “front” is extremely irrelevant during inspection. Obviously the indicator lamp marks the “front”. non-classical designs shouldn’t be discouraged.

The front is obviously the side from which you can see the diagnostic light.

Very nice!

i see more than one diagnostic light :wink:

VERY impressive…very BOLD design…what is the top speed on that guy?

Any video of Tumbleweed in action?

wow wow wee wow… lets see some videos!! PLEASE

Whichever way the RC is facing is the front.

I LOVE IT! Sweet machine, I’ll bet you guys had a lot of fun making that. The name is great too. That thing will be unstoppable.

I absolutely love the design and i think that as long as you have the bumpers on all of the sides then that should be considered good… Love the non sequencial design.

Of course! An obvious a solution to this conundrum.

My next question is: it appears that TUMBLEWEED makes no pretenses of herding nor hurdling, so is it a rabbit or is it a jackalope?

I’m guessing you guys will have a sweet autonomous? (>2 laps?)

Neither. It’s a tumbleweed.:yikes:

By the way, this may be the first time ever that someone has done a 9-sided FRC robot…(Yes, I counted on another picture…twice. I couldn’t believe it either.)

I think the name, Tumbleweed, and the design are a nice match.
Having seen tumbleweeds in action moving across the landscape, it is mesmerizing. They are fast, very fast - and beautiful to watch.

The robot is in the shape of a nine-sided polygon - a nonagon.

Even though our team really digs the Tumbleweed name, the kids normally refer to the robot as the ‘Neun-agon’.