pic: Team 148 Robowranglers: TUMBLEWEED

The entire robot is modular and designed for maintenance at competition.

Nice job guys. I am impressed. That bot will win some awards and I would say some matches as well. That is the most unique design I have seen in a long time. I can’t wait to see it in action.

How are you guys missing that much school attending all of those regionals!! :eek:

Brandon’s event list is slightly expanded, due to his line of work. 148, however, is attending St. Louis, Bayou, and the Championship.

And, on a related note, I’m in love. It looks like there are two positive wires going from the distribution block to the Maxi block. Is this just to reduce voltage drop by giving more room for the electricity to go through, or is there some other reasoning I’m missing?

how much does it weigh? it cant be much :confused:

Given the amount of chain and number of gears inside, I suspect it weighs quite a bit. Possibly very near to the limit.

Beautiful craftsmanship. :]

Not even close to the limit, from what I’ve heard. More like 80 lbs.

Sweet Bot. That thing must fly! but where does your main battery mount to? under it???

The distribution block isn’t designed for such large wires, so our electricians trimmed the copper down on the wires to fit them in; as I was told. They connected another to ensure the proper amount of voltage was getting through.

Yes, the battery is mounted from below.

We connected the two wires to the 40 amp fuse block for redundancy. We did not cut any strands of the ends (trim the copper down).

How many wheels does it have, and how many different directions can it go at any given time?

it had a 3 wheel swerve drive. technically it could go any direction it wanted (on an xy plane), but i suppose with a few modifications we could try and make it go up too!

That would be cool:cool: