pic: Team 148 Robowranglers: TUMBLEWEED

Last one … I promise.

I am amazed by how well engineered and clean your machine is.:yikes:

that is a wicked looking machine. You can eat off of it! I am in awe.

That is just wicked cool. Another great creation from 148.
I hope to see it in person!


Now THATS!! a robot! SWEET!

Great Googly Moogly!! (I seriously said that, ask the guy next to me.)

That is one insanely awesome piece of equipment you got there. I am in awe.

Chris McKenzie

Pardon me while I pick up my jaw.

How does it move?!?!?!?!

Nice robot , but good question, how does it move?
And do i see speed controllers on the top?:confused:

This is what’s known as a swerve or crab drive. All of the wheels can be rotated around an independent axis allowing for omnidirectional travel.

Hopefully 148 will post some video of their own bot but for now this is another very good example of this type of drivetrain.

thats sexy