pic: Team 1492 Robot Up Position

Up in ball release mode. The basket articulates entirely within the robot perimeter. Basket holds 7 balls.

I hate to ask this, but are those basket supports mounted fairly well inside the outer frame? If not, you might try actuating the basket with a vertical piece of plywood backed up to the back of the robot, not counting the trailer hitch, to make sure. If it crosses the bumper perimeter (determined in the bumper zone), you would be in violation of <R16>, and would need to a) add extra frame on one or both sides or b) redesign.

I simply ask because I want to be sure. It’s a very interesting design, and I would like to see it in action.

It says in the description that it actuates entirely within the bumper perimeter, so I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

Nice design guys, should be interesting to see in action.

It may just be the perspective, but I think they’re outside the bumper perimeter. Bumper perimeter and robot perimeter are two different things, and they say robot perimeter. (You can have your entire robot within the robot perimeter, i.e. the bounding box, but still be outside the bumper perimeter.) If they are outside, it’s a quick fix.

Edit: I’ve been looking closely at both pictures posted of this robot. The front seems to be OK; the back is questionable. It looks to be about 1-1.5 Globe-widths behind the rear support, which would put it right at the back edge of the frame or just over. A picture–either up or down–of the side view would help.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but I suspect that the rear supports actually pivot at the bottom. 4-bar mechanisms are cool, it sure will be fun to watch that thing move up and down.

Looks like a nice solid (and simple!) design. If you can get a lot of driving practice in then it will be a great reliable scorer. Can’t wait to see it in action at AZ!

I do love the wood block that says “cRio”

interesting and I agree double check that rule cause I’d hate to see you get in trouble.

Otherwise it looks great how do you load if I may ask?

From their other picture:

“Down In ball scooping position. Two rollers on the front of the basket will bring the balls in. Basket has a conveyor on the bottom to bring balls in and push them out, not mounted in this pic.”

i would not put the Crio there, it could get damaged if you flip over or something