pic: Team 1501 Daddy-Daughter

The Sunday night before ship me and Mike Smyth another dedicated mentor on Team 1501 went to our town’s Daddy Daughter Dance. We took our dates with us all dressed up. Of course when the dance was over we had to stop back by the shop to see how things were going.

Apparently “ok”. We didn’t miss much…

Video of the “date” lift…

I think I got jealous of the robot for a second.

I thought that the “Uh-Oh” as soon as the countdown was over was gold!

Oh jeez… I can’t wait to see this thing in person…

I wonder this might be a part of the caption contest…

The video looks awesome. I hope to see 1501 in person.

Where are the girl’s safety goggles and helmets? very cute. :slight_smile:

WOW that robot looks kool

Ohh wait im on that team (just kidding)

Thanks all for the great coments the team worked hard this season and hope you all good luck to and see you at boilermaker or the championship!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Goober!!!

Hey Chriss, I love the video too, it was really good.

And Goober, I listened to the Goofy goober song just cause of that:]