pic: Team 1501 finished robot

Here’s our robot taking it’s first steps.

omg is that a walker?!?

it looks like an AT-ST(episode 6 for you non starwars guys)

Yes it is. But it is probably only about 8" tall and most certainly not their FRC robot this year.

too bad I would pay good money to see a team attempt a walker.

Not bad photoshop. Didn’t 71 make a walker once???

that can’t be their 'bot. not nearly enough (if any) rivets to be a 1501 machine.

Good luck with that…hahahahaha

good attempt, for an instance i was like…WOW!.. but then i realize the truth. hahahaha good one

more like a crawler than a walker but yeah in 2002. baby steps and unbeatable traction won it for them that year.

Yes that is truely Team THRUST’s robot!!! NO JOKE!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What’s this Photoshop that you speak of? Never heard of it.
You guys don’t believe it’s real? I’m shocked and appalled :ahh:
Have I ever lied to you :rolleyes:

Nice photoshop, I must admit though i honestly got extremely excited for a few seconds and was thinking “SWEET SOMEONE BUILT A WALKER!!” but then i realized i am just gullible this early in the morning!

It was a walker of sorts, It had feet, but not really any legs. And that was in 2002 if my memory serves me right. The year with the gigantic goals that weighed something like 180 lbs each.

Yeah those goals were just a lil bit on the heavy side, try pulling 2 robots attached to 2 goals and one of those robots has a pneumatic foot - see where that gets you =) This robot may not have had a leg but always put its foot down when it came to wanting to move that goal out of their territory =)