pic: Team 1501 Lifting Teams 45 and 1990

This is after a qualifying match Saturday morning at Boilermaker.

yeah that match was fun we (1501) lifted 2 1/2 bots!!!lol:D :smiley: :smiley:

So… let me get this straight, this robot purposely tips over to lift up 2??? This is strangely innovative, I like it. :cool:

No, that’s just another robot in front of it

This was the play of the weekend as far as I’m concerned. That was awesome.

I have that match on video! Watch for the post soon!

Check out this link for the video!

Man, Chris was yelling like crazy!!! I could have sworn that 45 wouldn’t have been able to get on! I was going nuts back there when I saw that we lifted them all.

This was the play of the weekend as far as I’m concerned.

That won our team the ‘Play of the Day’ award. We also won the ‘WOW factor’ award.
What really helped was that Team 45 has brakes on their wheels and kept them in place. No other robot could have done this.

have a picture of your elim alliance for boiler?

1501, that bot was amazing. I couldn’t help but stand and stare at it in your pit on Saturday. Any idea how much it can lift? Also, I’m curious as to how exactly you built it- even after power was cut off, it was still going up. How’d y’all do it?


Hi Jeremiah.

The mechcanial team says it can lift around 500 lbs. 480 lbs to be exact. It uses two air cylinders, and two gas springs with a 100 lbs rating. We use compressed air to compress the gas shocks down, and hold them down.

The lifting after power is cut is EASY…we use a double soleniod valve. The SMC one comes in the KOP. When the spool shifts in a double soleniod valve, the air changes state and keeps on lifting even after the electrical is cut from the soleniod on a double valve.

We used chrome moly tubing that was welded by a student and a mentor. It’s the same tubing they build landing gears for airplanes and race care chassis. It’s very strong. The whole frame only weighs I think around 34 lbs if I remember right. Each wing is moncoque and weighs about 11 lbs or so I think. I can’t quite remember what the mechcanial team said so don’t quote me on it.