pic: Team 1501 (T.H.R.U.S.T.) adopts US 24 in Huntington, IN

Team 1501 (T.H.R.U.S.T.) decided to help out the city of Huntington, IN by picking up trash along 2 miles of US 24. Please don’t litter.

That is awesome, Dean Kamen would be proud and keep up the great work. If only I could get our team to do something.

This can’t be a 1501 endeavor. Not nearly enough rivets.

As a veteran of a couple of Adopt-A-Highways around here, I know it takes a bit of work to get together. Congrats on making Indiana even more beautiful than the parts I saw!

Great job, from a fellow Adopt-a-Highway FRC team. :slight_smile:

Great job! The environment thanks you! :smiley:

1501: Do they let you modify your “Adopt a Highway” sign? You really should put pop rivets all around the edge of it, just for kicks.

I almost don’t recognize some of you… it must be the sunshine and lack of robots. :rolleyes:

Keep up the good work!


p.s. I’ll miss competing with you all this year… :frowning:

Great work team. Not everyone has played with a robot but everyone has been on a road and seen the trash thats tossed out.
Great way to spread the FIRST G/P to the masses. :smiley:

Be careful out there. Traffic is like cattle, stupid as can be and every now and then it needs a kick to get it going in the right direction. :wink:

-p :cool:

So True :ahh:

Yeah, needs some rivets, if they don’t let you mod the sign get some of the orange/yellow jackets and mod them so they have pop rivets on em, just be careful to smooth out the bottom.

Great job guys, tips for making it more fun, work in groups and see who can find the most bizarre things (don’t keep them!) I did that with a group of my friends and it was awesome.

Seriously, keep up the good work on the field and off.

Shoot someone should have reminded me i missed all the fun. But I’m really proud of u guys helping out the town!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s interesting to see what gets tossed on the road. I can see why spring clean up is fascinating to some people now…LOL…

So far I believe the people of Huntington have these habits:

They eat too much Taco Bell
They smoke Marble Lights
They drink Coors Light

I find it very disturbing that there are that many people that toss item #3 out the window. Are people still that honestly stupid? Boy… I am naive.

Actually, I might suggest that you have a much better sample of the litterbugs of Huntington, rather than the people of Huntington!

One interesting thing to me is that you would ever find pop or beer cans on the side of the road. Here in BC when you buy bottled or canned beverages, you pay a $.05 to $0.10 fee on each bottle or can. You get the fee back when you return the container to an approved recycling facility. You would be amazed at how efficiently this works. It might not keep people from throwing their beer cans out their car windows, but there are plenty of people who make a (rather basic) living by picking up and returning the containers.

Now, if you were finding busted up Mecanums and burned out Victors along the side of the road… THAT would be worrying!


Let me introduce you to my Litter Team.

Front row, L to R:
Jim Snable, John David Paff, Kayla Snabl, Micah Snabl

Back row, L to R;
Chris Elston (President of Team 1501 (T.H.R.U.S.T.) and President of IndianaFIRST), Tom Bennett, Reggie Easley, Harley Henline, Me (Wayne Doenges; VP of Team 1501 (T.H.R.U.S.T.) and Member-at-Large IndianaFIRST)

Behind the camera; John PAff

Be careful out there. Traffic is like cattle, stupid as can be and every now and then it needs a kick to get it going in the right direction

The INDOT will not allow anyone in the median to pick up trash. They are afraid that if someone looses control, of their vehicle, they will go through the median.

To show you what a difference trash pick-up can make.
The first time we did this it took us 7 hours. The second time it took 3 hours.

sometime in the last year I lamented on this problem on CD.

If you view it from an economic perspective it makes sense.

Open container laws require auto operators to pay fines/etc if they are caught with an open container. In other words - there is a government incentive that motivates drivers to get rid of the open container - out the window it goes.

Yes - they are that phenomonally stupid. they are drinking and driving and polluting.

back to economic incentive - I suppose if you pick up all the cans and put them in your car then you are at risk of paying fines. That is why they make trucks, put them in the back.

roadside trash is really annoying. There is a class of people that really really do not care about anyone or anything but themselves.

That’s awesome. Great work guys. :slight_smile:

Not more deburring! lol

Maybe you can pick up the trackball that flew out of the back of my truck on Highway 101… :o :o

For all I know it could very well have rolled to Indiana… (PM me if you see it… its red…)