pic: Team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T. presents Delta Fire & Delta Ice

Team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T. had twins. Aren’t they cute?

What kind of drive-train?

And dimensions?

What type of drive train do these use? It wouldn’t happen to be Kiwi drivewould it?

it is indeed kiwi drive.

Great looking machines.

Is the intent to switch robots depending on which alliance you’re assigned to, or am I reading too far into the different colored twins?

It is indeed a Kiwi Drive…

It was inspired from Kiwi Drive prototypes we had seen from teams 229 and 857.

Weight: ~75lbs
Height: 16.5in
Width: 35in (from front view, max width)
Length: 31in

The Kiwi drive came from analysis of a soccer player, agility/maneuverability is important for them, and we wanted to replicate that in our robots design

The intent is for one to be the competition robot and one to be a practice robot. We found it important that the practice robot and competition robot resembeled each other as closely as possible to get the best practice sessions possible and to debug code after ship.

Ok, that makes a lot more sense to me. After thinking about it for a second after posting I realized that I might be over-analyzing the fact they were specifically red and blue. Guess that’s what 3 days of having a high fever and little sleep will do to you.

And having both the competition and practice machines be as similar as possible is very important in my opinion as well.

You are correct, it is kiwi drive. It was quite interesting to program in LabVIEW, as there is no built-in VI to handle it. Also, it curved when strafing first time I got it running. We put a gyro on it to straighten it out and now it strafes nicely.

As for dimensions, I’m not quite sure on the exact numbers, but the base is an equilateral triangle. We designed it to go under the tunnel, but I forget the actual length of each side.

Awesome bot from team THRUST once again! I love the stuff you guys come up with. Which color is the one that will be competing on the field?

I assume that’s with bumpers attached?

That is with the bumpers attached. The Blue Bot (Delta Ice) has been crated and shipped. Currently The Delta Fire has been outperforming Delta Ice, but we intend on modifying the Blue Bot on Thursday to get them even.

The Robot however does weigh less than 65lbs with Electronics removed, and The Red Robot should be located in our pit if anyone would like to stop by and get a closer look at it. It is our source for spare parts.

First, thanks! Second, that would be the blue one. Although the red one drives real nice too… Oh, don’t listen to me, I’m biased. I’ve had more time with the red one as the blue one was shipped a while back! But yes, the blue robot will be the one competing.

EDIT: Samir, you keep beating me to the punch!

Both of those look very nice, however, I can’t help but satisfy my curiosity, so here-goes.

R09> Each registered FRC team can enter ONE (1) ROBOT into the 2010 FRC. That ROBOT shall fully comply with all rules specified in the 2010 FRC manual.

Is one of those your practice bot? Are you otherwise planning on swapping other parts to maintain your shiny color-coordination, or am I missing something completely?

EDIT: Apparently I cannot read; question answered.

I’m interested in the ball control mechanism. Do I spy ball casters for the soccer ball to spin against? What else is hiding in there?

Love the compact design!

The size of the robot will let us go through the tunnel in an orientation. In fact, we can spin inside the tunnel and NOT touch the sides of the tunnel.

Blue bot plays the game and we switch bumpers.

Having seen Fire & Ice in action, I can testify these machines (and the team) are to be feared and revered. I predict big things for 1501 (admittedly I thought the same in 2007, so maybe I should keep my mouth shut).

They Look really cool.

Is there any way that you could switch the colored pieces on the robot like you switch bumpers? Or even cover them up during matches to match the Alliance you’re on? That’d be really sharp looking. Not that the robots aren’t already…:smiley:

I love robots that refuse to have 4 sides. Kudos!

There is not any way to change out anything but the bumpers. I wouldn’t find it too fun to have to re-rivet all the sides before each match :yikes:

And Taylor, I’ve been trying to drive my hopes for that exact reason. It’s all up in the air until it actually happens. Seeing how the performance of other teams have been increasing, I just look forward to a good game.

As soon as I saw this robot, it reminded me of the Robocup, and some of the robots that are built for it.

Definitely my favorite looking robot so far this year. I predict it doing very well!