pic: Team 1501's awards

This is our first time giving out awards. What do you think?
The awards name is Moco. This is short for Monocoque.
Bring your GP to the championships and one of these may be your.

very cool. I want it bad. lol

65 rivets?

that is one of the koolest awards i have seen :cool: two thumbs up from me!

What division is 1501 in in Atlanta? If we aren’t honored to win one of these, I at least want to see what they look like up close.

They look cool. Can’t wait to see them in person.

Kudos to whoever thought up the idea. :slight_smile:


bookmark this link


Really cool. We will be in Newton.

Woo Newton!!!

65 rivets?

Nope, 54.

Yeah, its got rivets, has to be another team 1501 production. :rolleyes:

I always knew you guys had come back from a round last year ('06… year of the scorpion… :wink: ) when i herd the drilling of rivets shortly followed by that o-so-unique sound of a pneumatic rivet gun. :smiley: