pic: Team 1503's 2008 Robot

Team 1503’s 2008 robot right before shipping.

Looks like another great bot from 1503, from what I can see forklift with a ‘punch’ type launcher on it? No swerve this year, i’m sure its a sweet 6 wheel of some kind. What regionals are you guys going to this year? hope to see this beast at GTR!

Interesting, i did not expect something like this from 1503. I can’t wait to see it play and hopefully play with it at FLR!

It’s a 6-wheel drive, using 4 CIM’s, AM Shifter guts and IFI Traction Wheels. The elevator is powered by a Fisher-Price motor, and the punch is powered by surgical tubing wound by a pair of Globes. As pictured, we’re missing some Lexan shielding and the elevator motor/gearbox.

We’re going to FLR, GTR and the Championship.

I have to ask out of curiosity; what were you expecting?

I dunno, i was expecting some fancy crab like robot with a big manipulator that would launch the bot from one end of the field to the other and be uber fast.

So we hit two out of three, then. :slight_smile:

Any videos of this?

:stuck_out_tongue: don’t hit me with the ball while i am watching you play in a match please…