pic: Team 1510 robot in last week 1

Wow…amazing work that definately is gonna score big points, not only with the game but the judges!

Beautiful robot!

that’s a very clean and tidy bot :slight_smile:

nice job and good luck in the regionals

Very unique design. Simple, clean and attention getting. I can see this machine going very far in the regionals. Best of luck and I’ll be keeping tabs on your performance!:wink:

Very purtty. It’s sleek and looks bound to work , can’t wait to see it in action in Portland.

probably one of the nicest looking bots I have seen this build season.

Few questions…

  1. Are you guys using banebot or some other transmission (for drive)?
  2. How low are the middle wheels? (unless you went team 25 style)
  3. Are you worried about someone running into your camera and destroying it?
  4. I may be very wrong, but it looks like you guys are using only one cylinder… in reality teams may score 8-10 tubes at most in one match, do you get enough throws out of one charge? If you do, you guys would be able to take the compressor off unless ofcourse you guys aren’t stressing on weight.

Good luck at competitions.

nice bot you have a nice shade of red. well then, how does your arm work? good job!

wow…red…looks so pretty…

I see four. Two vertical stacks of two. One is directly in front of the far rear wheel (from this angle), and the other is opposite it on the closer side (slightly hidden by the top frame bar

  1. we are using the banebot transmission just as it came in the kit
  2. The middle wheel is dropped 1/8th inch (thanks to 254’s tip). Last year we dropped 1/4 in, that was a big mistake since you have a 1/2 rock when you change directions
  3. We plan on elaborating a more protective case on the camera. There is a bumper (as shown) but we will do more to protect it (shield of some sort)

I believe Arefin Bari means actuating cylinder. We only have one (on the claw). We do have 4 air tanks however. We were considering having no compressor but we chose to put the compressor on just to be safe. Our weight is currently ok (we measured at about 13 lbs below the limit last time i checked… need to do it again now since its closer to done) Since we don’t use that much air, the compressor isn’t running consistently, so we don’t lose as much battery power as you would with a fully pneumatic powered robot.

How does it work? We have 3 sprockets at the bottom. The large one is driven from a fisher price mounted on the chassis behind it. The other two are welded onto a steel pipe which sits on a plastic “fitting” of sort that sits on the main shaft. the second fisher price drives the larger of the two, and the other has a 1 to 1 ratio to the top of the arm (second joint)… this allows us to move the lower arm with a “praying mantis” movement of the upper arm, but still have independent control of the upper arm. If you look at 254’s robot from the large 2x balls, they had the same system but more spread out. We got the inspiration from the picture and created the design of our arm. Its nice since we have all our weight at the bottom, and only a shaft and sprocket at the top.

I’m on a different computer, but i’ll post a closer picture of it later and put the link here for you to see. Keep your eyes open tomorrow for the pic. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the input everyone! I’m very excited for the competition and can’t wait to see everyones bots! Gl!