pic: TEAM 1511 PICTURE

Team picture after the Rochester F.I.R.S.T. Rally were a little tired.

Man, some of your members look really young… :slight_smile:

The bot looks great and very light weight, we used the same type of chasis desgin last year and it worked good.
Good luck!

Looks great!
I have a few questions…the pic is a little small for details:

How high does it go?
How exactly is the angle of your arm controlled? Does it have something to do with the rod that is sticking out from near the top of the robot? What is the blue/black cylinder right behind it? Does that have something to do with it?
Does your arm extend and retract?
What are you using for a middle wheel?
What did your final weight end up being?
The end tetra grabber: are you planning on folding that up with a tetra on it in the match to carry it around? Or is that on a joint just to make it fit within the box at the beginning of the match?

Nice job 1511!

A lot of Questions

  1. It goes above 11 ft
  2. We are using a lead screw to lift the arm and it has 2 black gas schocks on the back of the arm to help lift.
  3. The manipulator has total rotation and it folds inside the arm at the beginign of the match.
  4. The middle wheels were desighed be a student on the team and were fabricated by harbec plastics.
  5. The finial weight was around 130 with the battery
    6.The manipulator can fold up with the tetra on it for better control of the tetra durring the competition.

Our bot it 116.1LBS without the battery. :slight_smile: