pic: Team 1519 Robot in Aerial Assist 2014 - Lined up for Two-Ball Auto

Team 1519’s Robot for Aerial Assist 2014, lined up for running a two-ball autonomous at the Rhode Island District Event.

At the end of qualification rounds, 1519 ended up as the 1 seed with a record of 11-1 and the tournament’s highest OPR of 87.81

Their New England District points total for the season was 120 points, putting them 4th in New England – the highest point total for a New England robot which did not win a regional. (They also finished in 2nd at the Granite State District event.)

Congrats Ken, Great Robot.
Good luck in the NE FRC Championship, your going to love it!

Just wanted to provide a few details on the design of our 2014 robot for Aerial Assist, Kaizen.

Tech Specs


  • 8wd using AM Hi-Grip Wheels, with 1/8" drop
  • 2 speeds, using the AM Sonic Shifters and pneumatic shifting, for theoretically adjusted speeds of 5.3 and 13.4 fps
  • 4 CIMs for balance of power, weight, and current draw
  • Live 1/2" hex axles and 15mm Gates HTD Timing Belts for high FoS and easy maintenance
  • E4P US Digital encoders on each side of drive
  • “SpeedRacer Drive” for improved control (similar to Cheesy Drive and CulverDrive)


  • Powered by CIM through WormBox (failure-free through 3 competitions) and further spur gears for total reduction of 67.2:1
  • Counter-balanced by surgical tubing and by location of launcher motor and gearbox
  • “Uni-body” sheet metal frame to minimize weight and # of brackets while providing excellent rigidity
  • >180deg range of motion, capable of traveling full range of motion in .5-.7s
  • E4P US Digital encoder and PD-control with 9 pre-set locations for easy control


  • Powered by 6 16lbf constant force springs for 96lbf with excellent repeatability and wear
  • Retracted by 1 MiniCIM through custom two-stage gearbox
  • Released by shifting to neutral with ball shifting mechanism (shifting components taken from VEXPro Ball Shifter)
  • Linear shooter on linear ball bearings for consistency and minimal drag
  • Shooter-plate is wide and concave for shot consistency
  • Compression springs provide protection against dry-fire
  • Limit switch and E4P US Digital encoder for precise control of pull-back


  • Unique Pinch-Roller-Claw enables quick pickup and consistent grip on ball while minimizing risk of dead ball (yes, this was a design goal)
  • Soft BaneBots wheels for excellent ball acquisition
  • Each side independently controlled by an AM9015 in BaneBots P60 gearbox
  • Polycord “clutch” provides stall-protection
  • “Never Drop” control loop automatically retracts ball if it begins to slip (ultrasonic sensor as input)

Please feel free to ask questions here or at an event… we’re happy to share information about our design!