pic: Team 151's bot


Well here is the best picture that I have of our bot, We have wooden wings that are actuated by Pistions, Dulie skyway wheels for traction and omni casters up front for good turning, Chips for drive in a worm gear set up, not exactly sure of the reduction but I’m pretty sure its 50 to 1 all the stuff up front is now covered with lexan so dont worry about stuff hitting it. What else do you want to know?

It’s such a shame to ruin the smoothe backdrive characteristics of the Chias by the use of worm gears.

Well, very space conservative drive anywhoo. The non-backdriveable-ness should help on the platform.

nice gearboxes, always was a fan of the chippy drive systems. what does that bosch in the back of the robot do? i wouldn’t want you to be in our scoring zone with those wings…not nice things could happen to our stacks :smiley:

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** what does that bosch in the back of the robot do? **

The drill motor in the back of the robot is for our walking foot, we used to have two drills but we could not get them to line up, one belt would always keep skipping, so we went to one. it can move up to three feet a sec any faster and our robot looks like a Lowrider hopping up and down not going any where. Any other questions???

can never have to many muffin fans…:wink:

Thier speed controllers

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**can never have to many muffin fans…:wink: **

As of that picture, there were no muffin fans installed on the robot.

As of shipping, there were two installed on the rear drill motor so we could keep it cool. We also rigged up two large muffin fans to a trigger pull to set on the chips when we were running it for a while.

we need some more pics of it, cause it looks better from the side, front, and back

hehe see u all at regionals!!