pic: Team 1522 ~ DOTM


Seeing off our bot…such a sad moment.

Any body else remember this Team’s 2008 buttons, posters, and slogan? It was by far my favorite. Any creative, fun, or off-beat expressions this year? I recall a team member in your pit at GA last year saying that you come up with inside slogans each build season. Please share.

Good luck in competition & happy Lunacy.

Well, in the begining of the year we came up with Steven Colbert, " I am FIRST and so can you!" being our slogan.

When we started building our bot took on a new personality. Earning the new name of Fluffy. The slogan being " Omnomnom~" And " What The Fluff?!"

I’m glad to hear that you enjoy our team’s out of the box names and slogans. It’s great news to hear.