pic: Team 1522 - Fear the Walken

Team 1522 was one of the most spirited teams at the NASA/VCU regional; since they named their robot Christopher Walken, they had signs and posters of Christopher Walken posted all over the place, even on their robot.

This is a sign they taped to the bleachers - originally, they had a much larger sign, but it wasn’t approved by the staff (it was a safety hazard).

Every time I saw their robot with his picture on it during the webcast I cracked up.
Very well done.

That is wild. Must have caused many people to do a double take while walking about at VCU.

How did they decide upon Walken as their robot name however?

I asked someone from the team, apparently they just wanted a witty name for the robot. They sure did a good job; it’s probably my favorite robot name ever. :smiley:

Originally, it was an inside joke between a couple of our team members, then it snowballed into an email to christopher walken himself, large posters all over our school, naming of the robot, and later even more pictures at the competition. The announcer at the VCU regional had some problems pronouncing his name, errors such as stephen hawking, but hopefully you got the point.

I’m glad you all like it, even if it was confusing to some of you. Get ready for more cowbell at Georgia!

I remember someone from 1522 coming to pit admin asking about that. I had problems trying not to laugh for whatever reason, though I felt bad for both 1522 and the announcer in question. :stuck_out_tongue:

i loved the poster at vcu and one of the people on the team gave me one of their small posters, i have it hung on my wall :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see we’ve gotten our name out, all i have to say regarding future plans is keep an eye out at the Gerorgia Dome. we might have some BIG planned.

I won’t be there but I’ll be looking forward to seeing it on the webcast/in pictures. :stuck_out_tongue: