pic: Team 1523 Shooter + Video

Our shooter was just rapid fired for the first time yesterday and I am proud to present a video of our bot firing. Please let us know what you think (leave a comment at http://marsbot.org/node/252 )!

Video download (19.6 MB):

What motor is that running the shooter?

I watched the video and i am totally impressed, great job guys!

Thats really awesome. Its really great to see some other non-pitching machine shooters.

Nice shooter M.A.R.S. Can’t wait to see you guys in person next saturday.

That video was extremely cool!
The design is excellent!

Thanks for the preview.

Very nice.


That’s really impressive. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone using a catapault assembly for their launching mechanism.

Thanks all for your kind words!

We are using the van door motor to turn the arm.

Thanks and we are all looking forward to the scrimmage! Is there any official information from team 179 about the event for this year?

you’ve got my props! very impressive

Very very impressive! I didnt think anyone would be able to find a quick way to do it.

Is there a mechanical way you got the arm to move slow grabbing the ball and fast throwing it? Or is it done with a sensor and programming? I don’t think I have to tell you how awesome your robot is. everyone else did a good job of it.

I believe the change in speed is due to the surgical tubing stretching and contracting


He was speaking of 179’s yearly event down in Florida, not WWZ :cool:

But Indeed

ha ha

According to Tytus,

February 18th… from 1 p.m. till 4 p.m. at the Swampland.

Inlet grove high school
7071 Garden Road
Riviera Beach, FL 33407

You must be using a one-way roller clutch so that the rubber band can over run the van door motor. Very clever.

  • Lets the elastic take over when it needs to.
  • Doesn’t require an elaborate catch.
  • Rapid firing without complex sequencing issues.
  • Allows the “follow through” of the arm to partially wind the arm for the next toss.
  • van door motor starts rewind automatically when the arm slows down


I had my doubts about the feasability of making a rapid fire catapult.

But, you ave done a great job, one that I think has a chance to compete with the pitching machine solutions.

Well done.

Joe J.

how far back were you shooting from in the video


Wow, that is a really cool shooting mechanism! How did you come up with that idea? Did you base it off of a batting cage launcher?

Great job guys.

The only comment I have though.

I don’t know much about measuring with a radar gun, are you suppose to measure the ball on coming into the radar gun or away from the radar gun?

It looked to me in the video you are measuring your Poofy Balls as it was leaving the range of your radar gun.

Which way should it be or more accurate to make sure the reading you are getting from the gun is indeed what it says it is?