pic: Team 1538 Drive Train Teaser

Here are most of the parts Team 1538 is using in their drivetrain… But why so many??

I spy with my large, sleep deprived, bloodshot, bruised form tae kwon do eye a 2 speed dog shifter drive train, with spares and a practice bot. Looks nice guys. We have the same thing coming along, but smaller…

Somewhat right. There’s more to it than spares and a practice robot…


I’ve seen this somewhere before. I think it was red and black though.

Isn’t that about $500 bucks worth of bearings there? whoa…

And, if you’re going to show off with all your parts, where are the rest of the wheels? Power isn’t worth squat without traction.


Actually the rest of the wheels were either off site or getting tread applied to them.

Looks like 3 Robots worth, based on the number of gears cut out for the dog gear.