pic: Team 1538 Final Teaser 1/2

Here’s the first of two teaser pictures… More details to be released…

Chassis looks really cool.

Can’t those brass fittings be simplified somewhat?

Nice:cool:. I’ve seen your CAD drawings of it and have been awaiting to see the final powder coated version of it. The wheel guards are pretty nice.
That gauge though looks sorta out in the wind. Are you planning on having some type of side panels or shields to protect it?

nice move with the wheel gauards. I guess no one will be sitting on ur wheels thereby immobilizing you guys. nice job

Yes there will be a sheet of plastic running down the sides. This picture doesn’t show our bumpers and other protective measures.

EDIT: The fenders actually make nice handles too. They can easily support the weight of a robot or two.

congrats jjack on ur 200th post!

I just like round numbers like this and thought I would say something… back to the cave now.