pic: Team 1538 Teaser #1

Team 1538 finished all the sprockets for their robot this evening.

It’s just too bad AndyMark doesn’t sell an aluminum 160 Series, 15 tooth sprocket with a 4.5" bore and a 1.25" keyway…

Oh well, guess we’ll have to make them ourself out of steel… :wink:

HOLY COW! :eek:

I was about to say, “What on Earth are you doing with all those little sprockets,” when I saw the BIG one. I’m putting your robot on my “Can’t Wait To See” list right now.

You can’t be serious. That sprocket would weigh dozens of pounds…

I’m carefully noting the rest of your sprockets though. Though I wonder what it tells us that we don’t already know (swerve drive).

Chris is correct, the 160 weighs dozens of pounds… However the 45 tooth version (not pictured) is even more impressive…

Not to mention the 4.5" shaft it rides on.

I’m waiting for squirrel to sign on and see if he can name what vehicle or mechanism that’s actually from lol.

He’s way too good- http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/29639

. . . ok my mind is melting . .

is that 1 really big sprocket with several normal sprockets around it . . or one normal sprocket with several baby sprockets . . its like some sort of surrealists take on engineering.

either way super cool baby/jumbo sprocket(s)

Hmm, about 40 of them. Either that’s a lot of spares, or a lot of wheels.

I love it!!!
I want to see the indent that left on the carpet:yikes:

is the big one for a winch?

Hey Jon, are you making some sort of planetary gear system?

You should use that big gear as a decoration. Or is it just extra weight. No matter what, you piqued my curiosity.

Any chance for a finished product picture now? Pretty please? :slight_smile: