pic: Team 1538 Teaser 3

Over the years people have commented on the quality of our welds. Here’s our mystery welder working his magic.

In this shot, he’s working on our manipulator. Details later…

I hope he’s wearing sun-tan lotion! :eek:

You should never weld without arm protection.

I got a nice Farmer’s tan/burn doing this once. You also need to be very careful of grounding issues with bare hands. I am sure this guys is an expert, but I have made my whole arm go numb before when I accidently grounded the filler rod. In this scenario, I was actually wearing gloves, but my sweat had seeped through my gloves and my jeans, and the portable welder had a poor ground. Overall it took about an hour before I could move my thumb reliably. That when was when I was younger and was fairly certain I was invinceable. The welder proved otherwise.

i know who it is :wink: lol