pic: Team 1538's Controller


We’re continuing our tradition of suitcase controllers. Here’s our 2008 edition.

Please don’t take this to the airport. :stuck_out_tongue: I looks awesome though!

Haha, I was in awe when you guys like placed this down next to our team at madison! hahaha, i love it =]

Looking good. I like the cow icons.

Where did you guys purchase the arcade type buttons?

Looks nice, glad to see “The Football” is in sound hands.

Chris McKenzie

Here’s one good source for these -


They have other colors like green, blue, red, and white as well.

We actually have taken another suitcase controller through airport security (Atlanta '06)… When we got it back it had several TSA stickers on it. Luckily none of the solder joints were broke in dis-assembly.

But why use anything other than Black? It’s so much cooler than the others :wink:

That looks soo clean. The arcade style buttons add a nice touch, although I do like the flush buttons you guys used last year.

As did I, but the operator’s cough button masher cough preference took priority on that decision.

Wow! That is really cool. You guys MUST show that to me in LA.

Awesome stuff. Even better than your OI last year, which was impressive on it’s own.

The buttons we used for the OI I found here: http://www.x-arcade.com/arcade_bundle.shtml

Are those LEDs next to the buttons and the 4 in the corner? And if so, how did you hook them up?

AFAIK, Ports 1 and 3 allow you to set LEDs that are clones of the 8 on the right side of the OI.

Hey Jon…don’t make fun of me for wanting a lip on those buttons…