pic: Team 1541's S.A.R.T.A.N.Y.A.C. 3000

We designed the robot around a can theme, because we used a can recycling drive as our main fundraiser. Our name stands for Super Awesome Robot That Always Needs Your Aluminum Cans. We are a rookie team, but we felt we had a good season and worked well together. Our arm is very simple, but works exceptionally well. We can easily cap all tetras on the playing field. We designed, built, and programmed the robot entirely by ourselves, without the help of any engineers. We are very pleased with how it turned out, and hope you all like it.

the soda cans look cool, also the omni’s look great to, good luck this year!

I always love to see rookie bots becuase they always suprise me in the great desgins,

I don’t think those are omni wheels. It looks like zip-ties around the rim of the wheel for added traction.

Yup, those are zip ties. We used them originally because the glue we used to hold the tread on was terrible. We ended up riveting the tread in, but liked the zip ties so we kept them. Thanks for the compliments though.