pic: Team 1564

Here's our robot. 3/4 of the robot's metal cuts were done with a grinder. :slight_smile: Yup, that's right all we had was a grinder and a hand drill :slight_smile: The handsaw, i don't know what happend to buying a new blade beacuse the old blade was dull. It was a 5 member team :smiley: acutally more like 4 . So whatca think? :slight_smile:


Nice robot i though 13 team members was low but 4 wow. hey man just a warning word of advice and please take it TAKE the neon off of your robot. If you want neon get a different color. You WILL get DQ’d this year if you have that on your bot. The judges are taking it really seriously because it will mess with other teams cameras, PLEASE TAKE THIS ADVICE GET THE NEON OFF OF THERE!

We had it on for a robot demo to the principle/parent council people. Then we took it off later that day. I guess it was part of our plan to suck up to them for a bigger budget & a room :slight_smile:

We would not have left it on there anyways beacuse they drained our battery like crazy. Probably after the compte we will, and install a car battery :slight_smile:

oh alright that makes sense what regional are you going to be at :o

The LED’s look pretty cool though we were gunna get red

Haha, I bet if you left those on your robot we’ll see shooters shooting their balls right into your what looks like a harvesting mechanism :stuck_out_tongue: thats evil :slight_smile:

But only if it shoots with a minimum velocity. Most likely the shooters will be going from 8-12 m/s so it will take some hits =X but it looks like it will survive ]:-]>

BTW make the LED blue :slight_smile: and Good luck.


Congratulations! You’ll have a great time. (And I love the lights…)