pic: Team 159 also knows how to use SolidWorks

Full specs (IRL pics coming soon)
Name: Gordon
Drive Train: Alpine Robotics custom 8 wheel tank, drop 4 center, 4CIM, VexPro gearboxes running 64:23 gear reduction, pneumatic ball shifters, 15.9fps hi/7fps low; featuring unique bearing block system for effortless wheel replacement and chain tensioning (upload to come)
Intake: Pneumatic arms lower from the back, intakes use traction wheels on a PVC pipe powered by a belt driven 25:1 reduced RS550 via VersaPlanetary gearbox
Shooter: “Choo-choo” style pullback: BAG motor (soon to be mini CIM), 250:1 VersPlanetary reduction pulls back a bar attached to 4 118lb springs, catapult releases when choo-choo unfolds, hard stop is steel cable (length adjusted as needed for different ejection angles/ranges)
Electronics: 4x Victor (Drive Motors), 2x Talon (Intake+Shooter Motors)
Capability: Truss, high goal, low goal, passing, inbounding from human player, catching depending on driver ability.