pic: Team 1592 2015 Robot Oscar

Team 1592 2015 Robot Oscar

Drive-train: 6 inch Mecanum wheels powered by 4 mini-cims.

Intake: 3 bag motors through their own 10:1 versa planetary gearboxes. Two for the intake arms and one for the roller bed.

Elevator: Poly-carbonate Teeth that flex by the totes and Rcs on the way down and engage them on the way up driven off a common shaft powered by a single cim motor with an over all reduction of 9.625:1

Stack Securing System: Duel Four-bar linkage mechanism Powered by two 7/16 inch bore 1" stoke pistons, one per side, to secure the stack in place while driving

RC Grabber:Under refinement for championships =)

Short Demo video

Watch us at buckeye in a few days!

Good luck at Buckeye Bionic Tigers. Show them how it is done in Florida. Buckeye teams check this robot out in person if you get a chance, very well put together design.

Thanks Drew!