pic: Team 1592 Breakaway robot

Any commens/questions?


what gearboxes?

We are using 2 AM Supershifters for our drive train (2 cims in each)
Am Toughbox for our gatherer
Am Double Doozy with 2 FP motors for our kicker

Does chain hit the bump? Is it legal if it does?

Something to think about.

Joe J

if the tensioners get a little loose it does but it doesnt leave a mark or tear the carpet, plus it gives a little more traction :wink:

I just want to make sure that you saw the GDC clarification of <R08> in the Q&A: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=14011&highlight=chain.

nice looking robot… looks like your able to go through the tunnel…and with your wheel placement it seems that you can go over the bumb in only direction…is this true? Also how do you move the ball…?

Yes we can go under the tunnel, and we can go over both ways over the bump and we have a dribbler up front for gathering a ball to control for kicking

Dodar is mistaken, the chain does not touch the bump even when loose. I checked on that when the update came out. Get your facts straight before you post dodar. Lol. But thanks for the concern. :slight_smile: