pic: Team 1592 Double Regional Winners

This has been by far our best year. We are 28-6 and have doubled our banner count, which now stands at 4 in 8 years. Cant wait for our first trip to the new home of the World Championships, St. Louis. It will be sad to not be going back to Atlanta but we hope to have fun with everyone going this year.

The robot has a bigger smile than the students.

Haha, they were all pretty tired. Believe it or not, but none of us noticed the robot had a complete face until after the picture was taken. We put the googly eyes on her but didnt realize the mirror made her a mouth.

When I saw the robot, I couldn’t help but think this…


You guys were a force to reckon with at both of the regionals. Your robot performed very well and it was very cool to be able to compete against you guys; specially that last second co-op balance that took place this past weekend. Congratulations.

Wow, double banner…way to rock Florida!

What a sweet bot, a very well deserved double banner for you guys! Congrats.

I’ve very much enjoyed watching this bot play. Saw it on Friday morning via webcast of Orlando and knew there was a great future for this bot.

While sometimes a team “just gets it right” for a year, usually a team’s rapid growth of success in a year is due to a few small changes.
As there are always threads along the lines of “what makes a great team great”, mind sharing what made your team jump in competitiveness from a good team to a multi-banner team?

For our team this hasnt been just an overnight leap into the limelight. The past 2 years we have had robots that were blue banner quality. In 2010 we were ranked 2nd at Florida, 1st at Colorado, and 4th on Newton; 2011 we had the 2nd highest OPR at Florida w/o even having a working minibot. The key to us doing so well this year is the fact that we built a robot that does every part of the game amazingly well. We usually build robots that do 80% amazingly well and just say we can outscore that other 20%, but this year we said we needed to do 100% amazingly. The experience of having a 4 year base driver is also an intangible that just cant be easily push aside either.

You all were great this year, it was a privelage to play with/against you at both regionals. As stated in an earlier post it has been a long time comming for this team. Job well done, good luck at championships.

Great job at the Regional!! You’re alliance was definitely difficult to beat. Congrats again! :slight_smile:

Cant wait to see you at St Louis!

Congrats to you all!!! See you in St. Louis

It’s been great watching your success grow from year to year. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for next years challenge.

Congrats on an absolutely amazing robot this year, Bacon looks forward to playing with ya’ll again in St. Louis. :smiley:

WOW that looks life a great bot. One question though, is the mirror in the front for seeing under the back side of the bridge when picking up balls?

Yes, MackTack, that is correct.

Congratulations, #1592, Bionic Tigers! You guys have been working way up the “ladder,” and have broken out into a prestigious club of teams that have won multiple events in the same year.

Glad we had you on our side in S. FL ! :smiley: I’ve been a Bionic Tiger fan for some time now. See you in St. Louis!