pic: Team 1592 Found Some Orbit Balls

One of our Alumni lives in Tallahassee and he sent us these, I believe there is about 12. We have more coming from up north from a team members uncle. We had no luck here in Central Brevard County.

wow, we’ve only gotton 4 so far…all of our walmarts are empty now

then again we only got 4 AIM HIGH balls too…

we recently acquired 19 new balls by scouring local walmarts

look far and wide they are out there

or you could just make some :smiley:

Hmmmm…build a robot…make some balls to practice with…build a robot…make some balls to practice with…Wow, tough choice xD

Hey i’m from hogg middle school and i haven’t been able to find any Orbit balls and i was wondering if you could sell us some

I’m pretty sure that we will be using them all, sorry. They’ve already broke a few from just prototyping. I wish you luck in your search for them though. :smiley:

I think we have about 9…

OH they weigh 235 grams. Just throwing that out there.