pic: Team 1592 Lowered Position


Includes: 2-speed AM Gearbox built directly into the frame. 12 fps in high, 5-6 in low. 5/8" clearance (easily clears bumps greater than 1/2"). telescoping tower and a claw for grabbing ball. can easily hurdle, knock-off, and place the ball. successfully and reliabily knocks off ball in hybrid mode.

Gorgeous bot! How close do you guys come to the 80" limit?

we fit well inside of the 80". i cant recall the exact length. i think its around 70"

Have you had any positions with the robot being tippy? Seems like theres alot of weight up high. Beautiful robot this year guys, can’t wait to see it in a few weeks.

Looks great! How much does your manipulator weigh? I’m guessing 15 pounds. I’m glad to see you guys using a telescoping tower.

nice job Tigers, ya’ll keep Bill busy.
mike d

Construction Orange and Black! Love it!

How’s you’re weight distribution? How much of an angle do you have to put on your robot relative to the ground before it tips (center of gravity is outside of the area of support)?


We placed as much of our weight as low as possible to keep from having issues with CG. We went to a pre-season competition over in Kissimmee on Saturday and she ran great. it did seem to come close to tipping on only one occasion entirely due to driving into the overpass, but when this occured our rear bumper acted like a wheelie-bar and we rocked back onto all 6 wheels. we were able to drive around the corner at near top speeds with the ball at hurdle-height and had no problems.

yeah xena is a beast.

that is amazing


jaw drop

Ahh, Xena.
Love her and our drivers. lol.
Great job at the Florida Regional you guys.
If you keep up the great work, I will too. lol.