pic: Team 1592 Ultimate Ascent robot, Buzz.

Team 1592 robot up close.

Man… I love that lead screw shooter adjustment. Can’t wait to see it at Alamo!

Is that a ground pickup I see? It looks hard for the frisbees to turn the sharp of a vertical angle though…

Thanks, it is pretty fast for it being a lead screw and it is able to give extremely precise adjustments.

Yes it is a ground pickup and the human loader part interfaces with the ground intake to move frisbees to the shooter.

We developed a very similar lead screw angle adjuster for our robot. The only difference is that ours has two upper and lower support bars instead of one of each. With the amount of recoil we were getting off the frisbees we thought we needed the extra support.

What are you guys using for your shooter motors and wheels? Ours had very little recoil.

:ahh: Looks great guys, can’t wait to see it in action at the Orlando regional. Very neat looking design, does it hang?

Yes, but we are withholding it for further refinement.

Currently we have a three wheeled linear powered by RS550s (the small bane bots wheels). The need for robustness as a result of frisbee recoil came as a result of our original 90 degree shooter prototype that could rocket frisbees well beyond full court. The recoil of that shot was sliding back the table that it was mounted to. Later we decided that the full court shot was not necessary (way too easy to block) and went to a slimmer pyramid shooter. The angle adjustment screw was engineered for the 90 degree shooter and it didn’t hurt to keep it the same for our smaller new shooter.

How is the recoil on your shot/how far are you shooting?

If you don’t mind me asking,what is the point of the gas springs if the system of the lead screw lifts and holds the shooter in place ?

I haven’t been able to be as in depth as I was the last 2 years but from what I was told by students and mentors and the little I’ve seen, the recoil is extremely minimal and it can shoot the length of the field. Also, we have 5 points of support to the frame for our shooter to reduce the recoil as much as possible: 2 at the joint, 2 at the gas shocks, and 1 at the elevator.

How do you flip your camera output?

Sorry, wouldn’t know that. Was always more of a mechanical/electrical guy over a software guy.

The gas springs make the load on the system pretty well near zero unless accelerating. Aka the system thinks its close to weightless while sitting still. There is still inertia that has to be overcome but the shooter assembly as a whole is pretty well balanced. Before the lead screw was put on it would hold what ever position you pushed it to. So in short they allow us to have to go through less of a reduction in order to change the angle of the shooter which allows us to do it more rapidly.

So the ground pick-up shoots the disc up and back out of the robot, and through the chute at the feeder station back to the human player? Does the human player then drop the disc back onto the top of the robot through the high slot?
This sounds kind of inefficient, if I understand correctly.

Getting your arm “weightless” is a great idea! Well done!

lol No, if you look at the robot you will see two blue rollers not in-line with the ground pickup; those are on their own smaller arm that rotates in-line if the shooter and the ground intake. That will rotate to be in-line with the ground intake and a disc will load in and then it will realign with the shooter and push it in to shoot. That arm(we call it the flipper) is also how we load from the feeder station. It flips out and then just reverses direction to load into the robot.

On the back of the robot is a chamber that rotates between feeding the shooter as shown in the picture and straight out.

When it is straight out the back, it serves 2 purposes. It serves as a method for the HP to load frisbees into the robot, and it allows one of our stowed frisbees to be loaded in the chamber and then rotated to be fed into the shooter.

I’ll find a picture that can better illustrate the process.


Thanks, sorry for being so dense :o