pic: Team 1592

Robot picture for TBA

You guys were great at Orlando. Just wondering though, why did you go with that specific roller? It seemed like the bot had issues picking up the ball, was that due to the roller not having a good grip or something else?

Part of our issues early on were that we had designed this to fit a slightly smaller ball circumference than that of the balls at competition. This meant that the gatherer was either too far down or to far up in its nominal configuration. Throughout the event, we were trying to get a fix for it, but ultimately the best fix was to implement a different size piston, which was not available during the event.


How big were the competition balls?

As one of the people who helped to inflate the balls they were to the best of our ability properly inflated. We did find that the balls would increase in size during the day as they spent time under the lights on the field.

The spec that FIRST gave everyone is so subjective. One person could look at a ball and say that it’s properly inflated and another could think that it’s overinflated.

I hope that 1592 (and 801) get everything going to Finger Lakes cause I was very impressed with their robots in Orlando.

I hope Peachtree and South Florida pays attention to this matter.