pic: Team 1595 as of yesterday!!!

Ok, here you all go. This is our NEW chassis. This picture was taken yesterday (02/13/06) As you can see, we still have A LOT of work ahead of us!!!

Let me know what you think.
Team Driver/Designer

looks good
I’m digging your wheels
I bet it will be lots of fun to drive

After designing and fabbing these wheels last year we hit a problem that I would like to let you know before its to late. The yokes or brackets that hold the ends of the roller take a lot and i mean a lot of loading when making lateral movements, and or contacting any other robots/ramps. I made ours out of 1/8 6061-t6 with a small bend radius. Upon a few minutes of test driving we had a lot of bent yokes which lead to rollers hitting each other and the hub. We ended up with 11 gauge, (~.110) steel which worked like a charm, we also put a huge radius in the corners.

Hope it help.

Tyler Forbes

Sweet!!! . i love the use of channel to hold the rolers on a octognal hub.

how did you produce the rollers?

We have actually driven the robot many times and we have not had any problems. We had a test chassis before this one and we drove it for at least 2-3 hrs total with no problems at all. We were driving it really hard to. Thanks for the concern though.

And we made the rollers from polyurithain(I just butchered that word!!!)
Team Designer/ Driver

I’m From Team 935 your 2005 Denver Champ Partners. Good Ider. Nice TIGing. We have a type of mecanumwheels, and I was wandering What type of Controller your using. We have the two Joystick, one for forward, reverse, left and right and the second for Rotating. Just wandering how you did it? :cool:


Tell us what you think! Team Numhttp://img361.imageshack.us/img361/7168/img3057up3.jpg ber #935.

It looks really nice. One thing I’m looking at though is right in front, it looks like that plate would bend if hit, but, hey, I guess that’s what bumpers are for right? Nice work.

It looks great, but it’s difficult to discern many details because the pictures are so small.

Is there any chance you can upload the original photos to the CD-Media section of this website?


That’ll help us make out the details a bit better and we’ll be able to create a thread dedicated to your design instead of piggybacking on this one.

Your machinist must hate you :ahh:

oh, the miracles of CNC. that would be a bi-ach on manual milling!

[Borat]is niiiiice[/Borat] :smiley:

Looks awsome you guys!

It isn’t that bad with automatic feature recognition and being able to export parts from inventor.

Still…as long as you’re doing it on a mill (Which it looks like, to me) and not waterjet, that’d take a looong time.