pic: Team 16 Bomb Squad 06'

A picture taken after the Palmetto Regional in South Carolina.

Lookin’ good, you guys did awesome this year. Loved your robot. The drive train was awesome, nice design. :slight_smile: I didn’t hear any Baxter! (Bomb Squad!) chants, I liked those in the past. Heh.

id like to thank you for making this an amazing regional for us. we had tons of fun even though we were the runners up. i hope to team up with you guys again.

You guys were an awesome alliance! Thanks for picking us in the playoffs! Hope to see you guys and perhaps even play with you again!

**Thanks! We did the chant A LOT in St. Louis… mainly on the last day of competition. But in Palmetto our team didn’t seem to be as pumped. :frowning: Maybe you’ll hear us at Nationals. :] **

Thank you both! Our entire alliance rocked! I guess we just met our match in the end there… Hopefully we’re allies in the future. See you in Atlanta!

Yeah, it was a great time. If only we could go to Atlanta as well… I’d love to see you guys there and compete together again. stupid odd number. Good luck to both of your teams though.


Ahhh, we’re not going to Atlanta this year either. Two regionals have drained our funding, and we went last year as Rookie All Stars, so we’re going to give it a rest this year.

We’ll be watching on the web, and cheering the Bomb Squad to victory!

Go Pihopper Squad!


Same with Team 95. While I’m sure we’d like to be there, we’re tapped out, and need to gear up our fundraising to get set for next year (and keep the head coaches out of debtor’s prison). We may still do something off-season, since we like this year’s bot quite a bit.

**Aww… :frowning: Well… our teams will run into eachother SOMETIME in the future. **
So sorry I posted our picture, Kayleigh. If it’s going to be in the paper it might as well be on ChiefDelphi. :rolleyes: **

Yeah, good job (and thanks) to teams 16 & 95 for picking us for the alliance at Palmetto. It certainly was an amazing run, and as a rookie team member, it gives me high hopes for the future. Hope to see you guys in the future (and team up too)

Lookin’ good guys!! Its about time for a time picture!! Can’t wait for Atlanta!!