pic: Team 1625 concept drawing for animation

This is Teams 1625 concept drawing for there animation this year. I know that the rules have not been posted yet, but we figure our message is going to take place in this scenery. This idea originally came to me in a very wild dream. I thought it would make a really cool animation and prepose the idea to my team members. They loved it and the animation team is already in full swing.

I can’t to see how your team’s animation turns out! The setting for your animation is really unique. I would love to see the way you’re going to animate this backdrop.

Its really neat, all the colors bleed out from the lines when they form. They mountains also draw themselves out in the background. Its a really cool animation without the use of complex characters. Just basic geometric shapes animated really well.

If anybody is interested in seeing the final product here it is. Youtube messed up on the screen and it is letterboxed for some reason.

Team 1625 animation entry 2007