pic: Team 1625 Vacuum

This looks really neat, but what exactly am i looking at?
I see CIM driving an overgeared (5:1ish) axle to which I assume at least 1, and possible 3 impellors are hooked up.

What you can’t see is Carrington’s blood, sweat, and tears in there.

How many amps does this baby pull?

Whoa 3 impellers? 1 just wasn’t good enough for you was it?

Its been reduced to 2 fan units out of OREK brand upright vacuum cleaners. A central shaft runs down the middle driving both fans.


two of these are present to allow a suction inlet and let the shaft pass through to drive the next fan.

Another reason we went with these units was to have access to the exhaust flow for an initial concept with an inflated pillow on top of the robot :smiley:

This has been Carringtons (TheLoneAsian) project this season.

Not a clue, doesnt get too hot though