pic: Team 1640's '05 Bot


We are a rookie team. Here is our '05 bot!

What do you all think of my team’s robot?

I think it looks great, It looks small and also looks like the CG is in a good area. How high can the arm go up?
do you plan on covering your panels and tie up the wires?
Good luck, you guys did a great job.

We can just barley cap 1 tetra on the center goal and cap 3 or 4 on the smaller goals. We tied up the wires and covered the panels before we shipped. Thanks for the comment!

Good looking robot, 1640.

I see you too the time to add counterbalance to your arm, behind the pivot. That was a smart feature.

Your upper arm is interesting. I see a telescoping square tube AND a large pneumatic cylinder. Do these work in tandem?

Andy B.

There are two pneumatic cylinders on the arm (one with a 12’’ throw and the other with a 24’’). These are to telescope the arm.

That piston on of the arm isn’t cheese hole right? Cuz it looks that way from this picture. Or maybe it’s just the mounting for the piston.

great job and good luck at competition

Thats what i love most about seeing other people’s robots. I’m sure i speak for everyone when i say we all throw out a lot of ideas after brainstorming. Telescoping with combining pnumatics was one of ours. It’s nice to know someone out there got it together well enough. And now competition is partly about seeing who made the right decision.

Heh. Hope you got those hoses up top covered up. Other than that, it looks nice for a rookie bot.

Make sure you either welded, used nylocks or loctite (thread glue) on that kitbot frame. Ours rattled apart after an hour of driving around.

Those holes are just the mounting!

PhatMike, how would you recommend covering up that tubing? Also, what can we do at the compeition to secure the kit frame? We just used their bolts and lock washers/nuts.

I’d take a bottle of loctite and squirt a little on each screw, and screw it back in. FIRST doesnt like you leaving stuff on the field. You should use loctite on all your setscrews (they WILL come off) anyways.

As for the hose, I dont know what you could do. There just has to be a better way of attaching it to that arm other than what you have in the picture. If your arm was in the same match with us, and we got tangled, it’d get ugly. Those hoses are extremely vunerable, and if they’re damaged/removed in the match, your basically useless.