pic: Team 1648's 2014 robot: Thomas

Team 1648 presents: Thomas

4 cim, 2 mini-cim drive with VexPro Diamond Tread traction wheels.
Single speed gearbox geared for 12.8 fps actual.
Pneumatic powered intake with a BAG motor on a 10:1 versaplanetary powering the roller (with 3.25" diamond versa wheels)
“choo-choo” linkage arm pullback mechanism for the shooter, powered by a mini-cim with an overall reduction of 233.33:1.
Pneumatic catcher wings that are padded down for quick catching.

Thomas will be competing at:
2014 Palmetto Regional
2014 Peachtree Regional

See you at the competition!

Such color scheme. Much prettiness. Wow.

Looks great guys. Good job and good luck at your competitions:cool: