pic: Team 166 on the pyramid

Team 166’s robot on the pyramid for some tests and tweaks on its climbing system. We have a few more things left to do before it can climb on its own but its looking good!

Very nice. How much does it weigh?

We weighed it 2 days ago, we are at about 112 with our scoring mechanism mounted. Its probably gained a few pounds since then.

Is that a 20 point hang?

Make sure to check your device with bumpers!
It’s hard to tell from the photo what your final resting place would be. Make sure bumpers won’t extend below that crucial plane!

That is a picture of it on the second level for convenience, the ceiling gets in the way in our build room of us putting it all the way up. We designed to hang for 30 points.

At this time, we were testing out if when the robot is off and our lock doesn’t engage for some reason whether or not we would fall down, there is enough reduction that we won’t even if the robot has no power.