pic: Team 1660's first teaser

We have a “light hole” that sucks in ringers ans spits them back on the rack.

haha i think that maay be against the rules i’m not quite sure though… LOL :smiley: :yikes:

Good lord look at those tires. I sure hope those middle wheels are lower. If I saw this bot coming my way, I wouldn’t even bother putting up a fight, I’d run.

wedge top wheels eh?

I think a light distortion cloak is illegal :smiley:

is your compressor zip-tied to the frame?

holy smokes, it looks just like ours! Materials and all!:smiley:

Naw man, its super duper rubber bands

I would too!

We had some left over from last year so we recycled.

In this picture yes, for the actual comp, no.

Although they are super duper, they are not robust enough for our team!

Wow, very cool. The wheels are nice… look almost exactly like ours, except our front wheels are a little thinner (1 inch, the back four are 2 inches wide) and no tread. We find it helps with turning.

Good luck at competition.

Thank you. Good luck to your team also.

nice wheels

Thanks. They are the 6*2 ifi traction wheels. They are good enough for me and have enough grip. They are spaced 15 inches apart because we used a chain link calculator to find the correct amount of links that we needed. That just so happens to be 104 link if anyone is wondering…