pic: Team 166's Desperate Weight Saving Measures - 2

Here you see our slightly modified AndyMark Mecanum wheels.

Basically, we had to lose weight for a vital part of our robot. Either we replace the wheels and lose the mecanum capability, or take a gamble with modifying the mecanum wheels themselves. We chose the latter and it turns out that these puppies work just as well now than they did before!

Each individual roller comes with three separate rubber rollers slipped onto a brass tube. We removed the two rollers on the sides from all twelve rollers on all four wheels.

So we saved a total of 2 pounds from all four wheels. We cut clear plastic tubing to make up for missing rubber rollers. 96 1/2" pieces weigh about 2.5 ounces.

I am scared:ahh:

Team 2104 had to loose weight last year and we changed our drive train “slightly”:smiley:
…it never work as it should, actually we weren’t able to drive, so just be careful hope you tested it. :wink:

Oh yes, we wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of putting these plastic tubes on without testing it.

The tubes are just there so the remaining rubber rollers don’t slide around on the brass tube, which was what was happening when we first drove these wheels.

What about cutting off the super long srews.

could you find aluminum screws and aluminum nuts to replace the ones that are on there, im sure mcmaster would carry such items.

I wouldn’t trust aluminum hardware in this application.

148 (120 lb robot + 15 lb bumpers + 13 lb battery) pound robot driving around on these wheels? It doesn’t sound too good.

I am just making a suggestion. Aluminum hardware is something that has worked for 612 in the past, last year our wheels were made of plastic and the drive system was assembled using only aluminum hardware, and they never failed once. I do agree admit that using steel provides more strength and that we were not using a Mecanum drive system so maybe making the comparison is unfair. But for next year maybe this team can test out aluminum nuts and bolts and see if they hold up.

Congratulations, I am not sure we could have taken that risk.

Great idea. We could have used this idea last year except we had to shed the 1.8 lbs. at our first regional.

My team was wondering how well did that end up working for you? Was it worth it? Have any issues and if so what were they?