pic: Team 166's Gemini as of 2/12


This is 166’s beautiful robot, Gemini, as of last night (2/12).

It’s not exactly finished. The arm isn’t working yet, it’s just mounted on to look pretty for tonight’s Unveiling (a goal that our sponsor, BAE Systems, sets up with the rest of the teams they sponsor. Basically the teams show off what they have finished with their robots.)

There will be some minor changes between now and when we actually finish it.

if that arms as fast and controlled as the drivetrain is i’m scared:ahh:
looking amazing

Right now it’s dangerously fast, also there was an error in the torque calculations, so we are getting new Banebots transmissions to fix both of those problems.

It will be easily controlled though, we plan on having different preset locations for the arm. Hit the switch to go to the top post and it will go on it’s own.