pic: Team 1675 Teaser [2]

Let me guess, you guys are done with the robot and making halloween costumes because there was nothing better to do?:eek:

You know… At first I thought those were mounting plates of some kind… But I think I may be wrong… Maybe what has been cut out it that actually important part of this picture?

Ehh I wish I knew, but I think those are some sort of gear box plates? The small ish hole towards the bottom looks like you could pop a bearing into them and maybe the pear shaped pockets are just to lighten it?

I bet you’re right about the bearing hole. The pockets for lightening, though, I’m not so sure about. It’s possible, but there are more efficient shapes for pocketing. I’m guessing the pear shape is important somehow. How, I have no clue.

The lack of obvious mounting holes is strange, though. Rion, I think you may be on to something…

Naw, hes using the plates as a distraction. The steel “Table” that there on is their bullit proof robot =p

There are some good ideas here. There is another part to these that are just about done. I will post and updated pic when it is available. Then everyone will know what were doing…kinda