pic: Team 1676 Chassis Teaser

20mm item extrusion chassis!

That frame looks pretty good. How much does it weigh?

Looks a lot like our UTC scrimmage 04 frame. We had to remake it out of tube and angle though because it tipped the scales a we bit heavy. I’m guessing it weighs close to 25 lbs.

How is the frame held together? i can’t see any brackets.

Looks like anchor fasteners. If you look near the joint you can see a circular bore for them.

8020 is awesome. :smiley: It’s the primary material used on our robot. I really like the anchor fastners we got this year that our supplier showed us. The only issue is you have to machine a hole into the 8020, but you can setup a CNC program to do it in a matter of seconds. :slight_smile:

Wow. I think that weighs about 5 pounds.All because it looks so, light. I wonder how strong it is.

*“Its a shade of red, not pink.”

^ that quote i found yesterday in class.*


That’s REALLY strong, I don’t remeber the deflection for it…nor do I have the 8020 CD with me, but its really strong. We’ve have 3/4" Alumminum bend before 8020’s 1010 series has shown any damage. :slight_smile:

Just under 14 pounds, without the wheels.
You’ll get to see it in person at Palmetto!


Not bad at all.

(And seeing that I obsessively checked the registration list for Palmetto, I don’t really know how I didn’t connect that you were y’all–d’oh! Either way, I can’t wait to see it.)

Are those Skyways on the back?

Excellent job on that. There’s some solid construction. I can’t wait to see how it performs. Do post some videos when its done.