pic: Team 1676 Trailer 2

Team 1676’s newly decal-ed trailer! The trailer was donated to us by Ledwell, Inc. We finally shipped it off to a graphics company our coach had a contact at a couple weeks ago, and now it’s back! Tell us what you think!

It needs vanity plates. Unless of course TDF-75K has some type of obscure significance…

Otherwise that’s awesome. I’m sure this will come in handy. :cool:

All I can say is… :eek: :eek: :eek: very nice. can it score ringers? :stuck_out_tongue:

jealous, vivek.

p.s. where do you store it?

Now do you use it to store tools and parts? or do you use it to actually do work in? Or just for transporting stuff? That’s a fantastic looking trailer, and I look forward to seeing it at the NJ Regional!!

It actually sits right next to a big roll-up door at the side of our school that leads right into our work area, which is really useful when we’re putting stuff in it. The other nice thing about it is that when empty, it’s light enough to move by hand- our coach pulled it out of it’s “spot” today for me to take these pictures. We just use it for transporting all our gear to and from regionals- it’s got a lot of room, so we can take everything we need.

P.S. Like the gracious professionalism quote at the bottom?

That’s pretty nifty! I’m jealous. It looks great. :smiley:

spiffy, spiffy

Seriously nice. It looks very professional. Well done.

It would also be cool if some of your sponsors were on there like on racing team trailers. Awesome trailer though. So jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great night on CD!
A thread about pit design/set-up and a thread about a gorgeous trailer.

You guys are going to enjoy this trailer so much. It looks awesome!

I remember seeing this trailer at Buckeye. Nice decal upgrade!!! Sponsors would’ve been nice, but that’s your call. It doesn’t look like it’s light enough for one person to pull.

I was just checking out a trailer from Sony that we probably be able to afford or have qualified members for at least ten years: http://bssc.sel.sony.com/BroadcastandBusiness/markets/10014/mvp01.shtml This is a very nice [note:expensive] trailer used by professional stations across the country during live events. Not even close to a necessity, but it’d make for one sweet video webcast! I’m still waiting for the catalog in the mail…

While I wasn’t involved in the process of designing the decals, I believe we intentionally didn’t put sponsors on the side of it, the reason being that we don’t want to have to remake the trailer if we lose/gain sponsors, or if their amount varies. Although, I suppose we could put small logos somewhere…goes to propose the idea.

The TDF-75K is just the New Jersey License Plate that is required (by law) to be on the trailer … that is the only significance.

But you should be able to customize the plate through the BMV for a small fee. So instead of TDF-75K, one could get, for example, “FRC-964” and still be legal. As long as it fits in your states plate requirements.

I’m jealous-

we’ve been looking for an art source for our trailer. How about directing us to your supplier

WC :cool:

We had a team member design the trailer by taking pictures and using Fireworks/Photoshop to create the look we wanted. We then sent it out to a local “decal-er” to have the Trailer Decaled.

How much was the trailer worth at MSRP?

Hey guys. Our webmaster will have all the info about the trailer up within the next day. Here’s the linkto our website. On the left-hand side, you’ll find the link called “About Our Trailer”. that’s where you’ll find the info. [shameless_plug] Feel free to check out the rest of the website while you’re there! [/shameless_plug]