pic: Team 1676's

“Johnny 5” (see the likeness?) with his “hood” open for work.

I’ll post some general stats, because I’m not sure of the specifics (although I know where to find them, now that I think about it- I’ll reply to the thread with them):

4’ 120 lb. class
6WD sporting a fail-safe, chain-driven drivetrain with 4 CIM’s & BaneBots gearboxes.
2 suction cup tube grabber, affectionarely known as the “Tomahawk”, with a winch-driven “elevator” it rides on that allows us to reach the low and middle spiders.
Able to find and drive in front of light autonomously.
In the end game, it deploys a ramp that 1 robot can drive up on and will then lift them to 12".

I’ll post more specifics when I have them.

Johnny 5 is alive!

I assume the two side-arms are to move the ringer right under the suction cups. What drops the two side-arms into position? EDIT: Oh, pretty tricky!

It looks like a pneumatic piston, next to the diagnostic light.

That one I can answer. Right next to the pneumatic tubing on the left side of the tower you should see a bracket with a piston attached to it. The piston moves the “feelers”, which, as you correctly said, should (knock on wood) position the tube right where it needs to go. The feelers are welded aluminum rod (1/4", I think), and we have 2 spare sets, just in case-:D.

EDIT: Thanks dhoizner. That “identifying mark” works too.